Then Yunho Opens the Passenger Seat Door…. Lee Yeon Hee!!!!! [Home Alone Ep 300]


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  1. Mira D says

    It was so chaotic😂

  2. Annie Lee says

    The most beautiful goddess Lee Yeon Hee!

  3. aryn says

    Imagine being on the other end of the call

  4. Kadija Kamara says

    sunghoon is a cute mess lol

  5. kath zean says

    whos watching this 2020?

  6. sumy 015 says

    Why can't find this ep

  7. ima kyu says

    Is car yunho these?

  8. Petals Amora says

    Lee Yeon Hee..I remember her from her movie with Hyun Bin.. A Millionair’s First Love.. sad story😭😭

  9. R says

    Kian is such a good guy. He even apologizes for talking on the phone even though it’s about his work. And the way he’s so happy to see someone famous is funny 😊

  10. Kelly Ronquillo says

    ive watch this full ep why there's 1 guest they did not mention the jannabi vocalist?

  11. Yuliya k says


  12. elsa isnanda says

    work is work LOL

  13. Haru Cross says

    Lol Sunghoon panicking and running back to get more snacks cuz there's 2 people instead of 1 😂 why is he so cute!!!!

  14. Rizky Ramadhan says

    Sm ,sm ,esteem ,esteem…….

  15. teacup says

    Lee Yeon Hee is soooo pretty, hope she will be in a new show soon liked her acting TTTTT

  16. pinksone81 says

    Lol. Hahaha. Kian. I wonder how the employee reacted lol.😂😂

  17. Nelia Alonzo says

    I really liked the reactions of sunghoon …hhahahaha

  18. Daunie Kim says


  19. mk says


  20. الحمدلله رب العالمين says

    I wish to read the religion of Islam the religion of truth

  21. Cici Ahgase says

    "What would your employees think of you?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. valerie tovar says

    Wow I live for SungHoon I just got done on a live q and a with him!!!! He is in Singapore I believe is what he said!! He is so handsome

  23. simodeus says

    one thing annoying about this episode was they edit out the Jannabi singer, except for the wide shots.

  24. Summerzz Breeze says

    I’m so happy Kian is there he always makes me laugh tell my sides hurt

  25. J E L L Y KNOW says

    Ha ha ha ✨ 😂 😂
    @ 01:36 so excited.
    They don't welcome me like that…. 😂😂.. Poor YUNHO.

  26. Edd 07 says

    I think this is the best episode

  27. Jinky Panaligan says


  28. BlackHeart71 says

    SUNG HOON & YUNHO in one show. 👍👌👏💖💋

  29. Dg Noorfarta ag jair says

    Kian84 😂😂😂😂

  30. Danastri Ayu says


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