Things That Faker Does: Win Impossible Fight


Probably the Best Zed vs Zed ProPlay Featurin SKT T1’s Faker

Including an Awesome build up by MonteCristo (@ggCMonteCristo) and DOA (@ggDOA)

This Is From OGN’s Champion’s summer 2013 final. Since it’s a FAQ let me clarify, in Champion’s Playoff from 2013 to 2014 if a Best of comes to a Last Match of the series (The thirs match of Bo3 or like in this case, the Fifth match of a Bo5) To make the game more fair (by removing picks & bans advantages) and the mind games factor even more important, they used Blind Pick Mode.

You can watch the entire game/match/season(s) go to :
Since 2015 it’s Now Free O.o! You can also now follow LCK Live and on VoD via LoL Esports ( with the same amazing (My personal favorite toot) caster duos!


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  1. Marzie ? says

    am i tripping or do they have 5 pounds of makeup on?

  2. The Pyke Master says


  3. Robert Hsu says

    Even after almost 7 years, this still gets me hyped everytime.

  4. Jason Tiu says

    Imagine get outplayed in your main hero

  5. Zade says

    Look at those Skills
    Look at those Moves
    Zed! What was that?!

  6. DereC says

    i love how he got executed afterward

  7. Escalante Doki Doki says

    Bronziocre apenas.

  8. illuminaughty says

    0:19 the face you make when you realize life is unfair

  9. VK VyKeR says

    2013-2022 still Skt my fav team

  10. MacDriveMaster says

    faker did : cancel two AA + QS + that play

  11. 624 B görüntülenme says


  12. Great Runner says

    This suggestion came out on top for "still best zed play ever"

  13. Sandy Yu-Hsin Hsiao says

    that camera man is the hero capturing Ryu's facial expression with that dramatic zoom so fast


    Ah yes i still remember this scene just like yesterday

  15. Its Blended! says

    After 6 years, youtube gathered us all together again

  16. 옹냐 says

    Here lies ryu, killed by faker experience requiem

  17. Azbattar says

    Amazing 😮

  18. Shindou Nishiwaki says

    This faker guy is so good. He should start his league of legends career as a pro

  19. Sam Brown says

    LOL I never realized he died to the turret after that play

  20. Pink Giraffe says

    Faker: Ctrl+6

  21. Botan Yıldırım says

    After 7 year again : what was thaaaatt?

  22. Barkın Sarıkar says

    how can they play zed against zed?? so there are two zed in a competetive match

  23. Jake McCarty says

    Blind pick game 5 was always so fucking hype

  24. Internet Explorer says


  25. ali deniz says

    Bu hali bile mobile legends'den daha iyi..

  26. 아사닥Tv says


  27. bongo says

    This is when league peaked it's been downhill since then

  28. Hiếu Trần says

    0:13 new memes 😂

  29. Snowey :3 says

    Faker WHAT WAS THAT?

  30. Zoopley says

    Viewers: OOOO: !!!!!!!
    Faker: ._.

  31. H1gh Overwatch & More says

    play 0.25 when he says FAKER WHAT WAS THAT

  32. John Christer Galdo says

    why its zed vs zed?? mirror match?

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