Top 10 Censored Video Games


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  1. PCH Tommy says

    what about soldier of fortune wasnt it censored with all the gore kills and postal 2 so much to say gore and peeing and or vietcong 1 and 2 so many swear words wasnt it censored

  2. Giorno Giovanna says

    Fun fact: u searched for this

  3. Kitty Yt says

    Pls don’t ban roblox and Minecraft Roblox is the number one at the games

  4. Galaxy Crash says

    Left for dead two bring back so many memories

  5. KendoruSlink says

    I don't even really know why the Hot Coffee Mod was such a big deal. They're not even fucking naked.

  6. Tia Cunningham says

    Who made the video about Movie raided X

  7. gold Lego ryan says

    You can get Carrmegadon on your phone

  8. Seranagod says

    Where’s twisted metal black

  9. Autistic Gamer says

    Why does my country like censors so much

  10. itsprincessnorelleveloria says

    I play left for dead 2 btw -_- WHYYYY ME

  11. FunnylandYTP says

    SR4: we’re surrounded by a pack of furries!

    Principle Brown has left the chat

  12. eraj Czairynne Torreflores says

    Don't download the censored games got it

  13. The PH Game Memerz says

    Btw Mortal Kombat ,GTA And Saint Row Are Not Ban Directly … Btw Splatter School Etc Games Are Really Ban Because Of Censored !!!

  14. Aditya Nagesh says

    Mortal Kombat sans gore is like fish out of water.

  15. Eddison Dagdagan says

    Ew gta sa has sex

  16. Julia Vicente says


  17. Вячеслав Окунев says


  18. Вячеслав Окунев says


  19. Ali Jafar says

    GTA is good for Pro gamer

  20. Marisa Marchello says


  21. Adrian Francisco says

    Gta haha

  22. Dale The Chipmunk says

    LOL 😂 some of them are funnny

  23. Bailujen says

    Game rating systems shouldnt exist

  24. Le RazzlyRayord Animations 360 :v Kinemaster Edits says


  25. Kasai Senpai says

    The 90s had a saying: "Genesis does what Nintendon't."

  26. Guilherme Gondin says

    I actually like the censored version of Carmageddon more than the original, but it still feels good to know I can play both in my country, although I don't think it's wasn't reasonable to censor it at the time, I think it is not good to have that feeling of that time.

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