Top 25 Offline 2D Games for Android & IOS


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Here is the list of top 25 best Offline (Android/ios) 2D or platform games until 2016, including the best Android & ios platform games with good graphics. All Games are Offline (play without internet) and Under 100mb , And great time killer…..

Top 10 Pixel Games
Top 25 Fighting Games
Cover Based shooting

Game name and timing:-
1. 0:10 Dude Perfect 2 [40mb]

2. 1:06 Rush Fight [53mb]

3. 1:30 Ramboat [34mb]

4. 2:07 Red Ball 4 [60mb]

5. 2:31 Earn to Die 2 [95mb]

6. 2:59 Bike Race Free Motorcycle [28mb]

7. 3:26 Vector 2 [90mb]

8. 3:47 Motor Hero! [26mb]

9. 4:16 Stick Stunt Biker 2 []

10. 4:53 BADLAND 2 [90mb]

11. 5:23 Bike Rivals [46mb]

12. 6:04 Stupid Zombies 3 [42mb]

13. 6:32 Beat Stomper [74mb]

14. 6:58 Rayman Adventures [102mb]

15. 7:25 Stack [25mb]

16. 8:00 Psebay [42mb]

17. 8:36 Shadow Fight 2 [82mb]

18. 9:05 Hill Climb Racing 2 [60mb]

19. 9:43 Alto’s Adventure [45mb]

20. 10:12 Hungry Shark Evolution [90mb]

21. 10:34 Stickman Downhill Motocross [32mb]

22. 11:13 Bruce Lee: Enter The Game [68mb]

23. 11:13 LIMBO [104mb]

24. 12:14 Tap Titans [75mb]

25. 12:35 Ski Safari 2 [60mb]


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  1. Cut Man says

    where is Mario Kart Tour?
    Yes, it sucks but is is the best mobile game made in 2019

  2. Editing and gaming says

    I downloaded all

  3. ようこそSaivern says

    me:*not sees terraria* this recommendation sucks

  4. Fabrice InsertName says

    "2d" and the second one is 3d

  5. jollehx says


  6. shone haris says

    MD games is best 2d games

  7. Despacito Spider says

    rushfightis just minecraft stickfight


    Change my mind

  8. Radhitya P says

    What the backsound name at 0.11?

  9. Zarky Markyply says

    Nice Vids!

  10. Dead Pool says

    What Music Name 07:00

  11. Aleks Eli says

    good picks, downloaded some of em

  12. Injamamul Haque says

    Thank you for this video

  13. baki nas says

    Rayman 102MB

  14. renis rrenis says

    Best games in 2D and later upgrading in 3D (thats a game) EVOLAND its much better than these shitty games and EVOLAND 2 they are one of the bestgames in google play for me its best game in google play.

  15. Blusix says

    I have lost my old game =(

  16. Just another Morty says

    I'm looking for a game that I don't really know but it's like an object saying he was an arrow and the gameplay was controlling the projectile through people, walls, etc and I really appreciate if anyone could tell me the games name I've been looking for it for MONTHS and I can't find it sorry if it's not a good job at telling about the game thank you

  17. Gagan Singh says

    Badland is 185

  18. Prozee Games says

    Gloworld, Revitalizing the Game of Marbles in a glowing world in the modern era!

  19. Silver S says

    Helo, im searching for this game, but i forgot its name. Its game like:
    A pixel
    Character: Girl/Woman
    Weapon: A paint-brush
    Attack: Draw some element-symbol like fire, thunder and ice.
    Story: We were training, but after u complete the training, the teacher has got himself in a mysterius shadow-like mask. So, its the girl journey to save him.

    But i forgot the game's name!! It was a years ago before my phone was BOOM! Plizzzz, help me!! If u know the game that i mean, pliz reply as soon as possible.

    i will wait.

  20. Gaming Sunday says


  21. justvibingtbh says

    These are the best games!

  22. Anand Menon says

    Hi i tried playing this game and it looks amazing.. nice graphics and there are different games in one game like flying airplanes and riding underwater submarine and ice skating and all.. it was really good
    give it a try and let us know.

  23. SESTAIN says

    Rayman adventures is 397MB

  24. Back to Panda says

    Would you cover with a review or gameplay the GOD OF MAGIC? Would be amazing, the game:

  25. Yrrangelo says

    Title music in 10:00 ?

  26. Ganesh Rao says

    And at #26 we got "Crazy Shot: Mission Impossible" here:

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