TRUE BEAUTY Drama Adaptation 2020 CONFIRMED!


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‘True Beauty’ Webtoon Trailer:

True Beauty is one of my current favorite webtoons and hearing the news that it will have a drama adaptation got me excited and happy. My actor choices are ASTRO’s Eunwoo (Suho), APRIL’s Naeun (Jugyeong) and SF9’s Rowoon (Seojun).

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  1. jdnshly prz says

    I think han seojun can be portraid also by kwon hyunbin❤️

  2. F. VL Ruati says

    Hyunjin for Seojun!!!

  3. 11:11 u & i says

    GOT7's Yugyeom for seojun

  4. Jin Xi Chen says

    I think Kwon Hyujin (former member of JBJ and now VIINI) should act as Han Seojun ❤️✨✨

  5. Gette Gaudite says

    RoWoon for SeoJun .. he is tall and can sing 😍

  6. Adam Imran says

    I hope jaewook will be seojun because I like her acting since extraordinary you

  7. Rachel music and Vlog says

    Please be CHA EUNWOO as a suho ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Rachel music and Vlog says

    I want cha eunwoo and jiso ❤️

  9. Hyunjin the Highlighter says

    I WISH April Naeun will act as Jugyeong😢

  10. Nrlyaezuma Lulu says

    Jaewook please as seojun 😍

  11. Bts Biased says

    I want Jin and jisoo in this drama 💜💜

  12. Moon Walker says

    I don't know who she is, but the Joy girl fits Jugyeong!

  13. DaJonti-senpai says

    I heard that Jeongyeon was a potential candidate for the role of Jugyeon
    And I live for that
    Plus, if that was true, we might get to see Jeongyeon with LONG hair, and I live for that.

  14. Umji Chui II says

    I hope Sowon will act this!! She's perfect for this role!!! 🙁 but eunwoo and sowon almost height each other



  16. Crlynxz Mxz says

    Wish Cha Eun Woo could be Suho… He is perfect for the role

  17. cheetos doritos says

    jungkook for han seojun

  18. R. says

    I wish Hyunjin would play the role for Han Seojun I think he would be good for that part

  19. Jyia Park says


  20. Jumter Jini says

    ra woon would fit for han seojun perfectly^^

  21. Jjaengyoung says

    True Beauty Live Adaption would look great if

    . Suho's character – Cha EunWoo
    . Seojun's character – Hyunbin (YGEnt)
    . Jugyeon's character – April Naeun or Kim Yoojung

    I personally think both the female above would fit the role really well.

    Oh and AOA Seolhyun should play Sujin

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