TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '세계가 불타버린 밤, 우린… (Can't You See Me?)' Official MV


TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘세계가 불타버린 밤, 우린… (Can’t You See Me?)’ Official MV

Director : Oui Kim (OUI)
Assistant Director : Yunah Yang (OUI)
Producer : Yeonjin Kim (OUI)

Director of Photography : EumKo
Focus Puller : Deokjung Kim
2nd AC : Youngwoo Lee, Kyoha Hwang, Eunil Lee
3rd AC : Yuntae Ko

Jimmy Jib : Dongjin Lee
Jimmy Jib Assistant : Kitae Kim, Seokchan Lee

Key Grip : Namkwon Lee
Bestboy : Sangjun Lee
Grip : Hunmok Lee

Gaffer : Hyunsuk Song
Lighting Crew : Junghyun Choi, Taehee Lee, Euikyu Hwang, Junhee Min, Juhui Kim, Younghwan Park, Nuri Park

Art Director : Jinsil park, Bona Kim(MuE)
Assistant Art team : Hakyung Yu, Yeri Kang
Art team Manager : ilho Heo

VFX : Second Floor
Colorist : Hakmin Roh (COLORADO)
2D Animator : Kyeongwook Jo

Performance Directing : Son Sung Deuk, Kim Su Bin, Kwon Yoo Jung, Eun Ju Kim, Lee Ga Hun, Lee Byung Eun, Hyewon Park

Visual Creative : Nu Kim, Lee Hyun Ju, Kang Sung Do, Jung Su Jung, Cha Yeon Hwa
Artist Management: Kim Shin Gyu, Yang Jun Hyeong, Kim Ji Soo, Oh Gwang Taek, Shin Seung Chan

BigHit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea


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  1. Yeonjunii Jr. says

    Aaaannnddd……whos gonna clean up this mess?? 🤔

  2. Eysa Malika says

    moa semangat!!!!!

  3. Angel fiths says

    Choi yeonjun
    Choi soobin
    Choi beomgyu
    Kang taehyun
    Heuning kau

  4. Leddy Cervantes says

    the visuals bro.

  5. You got no JAMS says

    I will be doing a dumb theory. It's actually 5am here and I haven't slept yet so I will be doing an advance apology if there's a mistake on my theory. This might be a hella long theory.

    At the beginning the book has the Runaway part and I also noticed that Yeonjun and Soobin are the only one who is not wearing the beads. They were also the one who noticed something on Magic Island. I'm a bit disappointed on myself since I didn't notice that Yeonjun looked beaten up. Noticed it too? On the beginning who looks like he got beaten up. Perharps by the member. They were knocking on Soobin's door who's alone on his supposed house. The one who was left out on the teaser.
    0:59 Soobin got kind of mad when Yeonjun popped his gum.
    1:09 "Crumbled sand castle, who's a liar" so I watched the video of this whole choreo and Soobin used the liar sign while the rest were all promise sign. He's the liar perhaps. The one who caused them to break a promise hm?
    1:18 "Once again I'm left alone" see? Soobin might have done something for them to leave him alone or for the cat to put him away the members.
    1:20 Soobin asking for help and save him but someone or something is stopping him.
    1:21 "Can't you see me? Like on that magical day, say 'Believe me' my heart incinerated, come and feel me feel me"
    So they can see Soobin perhaps on that magical day but after that tbey can't see him. Come and feel me… So if they can't see him they just have to feel his presence.
    1:59 – 2:02 Beomgyu looked like he mrdred the hell out of Taehyun.
    2:13 Taehyun also got pissed when Beom throwed something on him just like how Soobin got pissed whem Yeonjun popped his gum.
    2:23 Yeonjun got a bit aggressive without him realising.
    2:30 Yeonjun asked for help after staring at his hand after him seeing the members standing weirdly in front of him. Maybe a saving from him hurting his own friends? He did something wrong?
    2:35 boo Taehyun suddenly have knee caps or whatever you call that HAHAHA I just want to include it. Nice transition.
    2:50 Taehyun looked aggressive.
    2:28 Soobin was having fun then suddenly got pissed? And shouted.
    3:00 Bad bad hope it's just a painful dream. They're maybe inside of a dream that they don't know how to control and to get out?
    "Friends don't understand me anymore" this might be also the reason why they're getting aggressive.
    Have you noticed? They're like having a split personality. From having fun to getting pissed out of nowhere. They look like they're abt to k word each other. My head is not working properly. This is the
    one last braincell that is cooperating with me.

  6. Fiama Mora says


  7. Morelia MM says


  8. Banen_ Reyad says

    You are very Creator guys. I hope you success in your life TXT. Enjoy ♥️♥️♥️
    I love you very much guys ♥️♥️♥️♥️


    Stream this masterpiece.

  10. Si Bujang says

    The most overrated K-pop idols ever ..

  11. Jas says


  12. Dinda Salsabilla says


  13. JuJu. GamePlay says

    Maannoooo e eu achando era sangue kkkkk muito loco tá da hora

  14. mitchelle grass says

    764k to 9m

  15. pour kim says

    갑자기 노선이 바뀌었네요,,,,

  16. Miju Nana says

    Ohh baby, why waste food..

  17. P C says

    I feel bad for the person who cleaned the set

  18. adriana safiah says

    This is my theory (i dont think so,but just wanna share with you guys) :

    Soobin line "bad bad hope it's only a Painfull dream" when you're hopeless everything seems wrong without direction empty and it's hurt when you want so bad to have a dream smile more feel alive. But you cant. So I think their friendship is slowly falling apart. soobin and tae broke some kind of promise was the promise to be truthful to each other?!? But they broke it by doing something and there's at 1:01 and at 1:03 "you turn back when the fire is burning".
    And yeonjun look guilty after squishing a tomato and seeing the house on fire while the other members looking at him. So basically My opinion is taebin broke a promise which is really important and beomgyu seems mad at taehyun and yeonjunie looks guilty cuz he was the reason why beomgyu hate taehyun,looks like yeonjun telling Beomgyuu something ? I think?! And soobinie seems mad at yeonjunie cuz he lied. "crumble sand castle,whos the liar" He don't trust anyone now and Huening kai might have an anxiety and he just wanna some peace.

  19. Aulia Deffiani says

    This is very cool🖤

  20. Pan pan says

    alguna moa con la edad de
    los poderosisimos TXT?
    yo tengo la edad de Yeonjun king

  21. Sakura 07 says

    2:03 That painting of Van Gogh called "Oleanders" must have a symbology.
    I read that Oleanders were symbols of the harmony of the universe but they also represent diffidence. I don’t know if it can be that relevant though.

  22. Choiyj. Taehyung says

    Stay focused watching ya moa for one week

    Hopefully we get the trophy next week

    Hwaiting moaa!!

  23. Lola Dubois says


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  26. 민윤기 says

    Bolca yorum yapıp turkiye trendlerine çıkaralım yorumun altına TURKISH MOA yazmayı unutmadan please. Fighting TURKEY

  27. Lillian Louyse says

    Hahahha hahahahhaha amuuhhhhh

  28. Choi Soobin says

    Moaaaa!! Ada yg pernah ikut pbb variasi? Itu lututnya sampe ledes gegara latian formasi lutut jd tumpuan. Ini dancenya gilak aku yakin ini lutut mereka bisa jadi memar loh 🙃

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  30. ;;Shirley. López says

    Me encantaaaaa

  31. Sharnelle Delaney says

    This is why I never liked red

  32. Ellie kim says

    Love this song so much.
    Im stream in spotify.

  33. ;;Shirley. López says

    F por las fresas

  34. nadira sekar says

    starting my day off right by watching this video at 5 am! this song is stuck in my head now

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