Up(업) Disney,Pixar(디즈니,픽사)OST "Married Life" PIano Cover, Instrumental [THE PIANO LAB]


Title: Married Life
Movie: Up
Covered: PIANO LAB

This Animation “Up” was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. And also “Married Life” is composed by Michael Giacchino, and he got a Grammy Award from best instrumental composition.

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  1. Uwais The Cool Boy says

    I'm permission on cover 🙏 (ga ngerti inggris njir) 😂

  2. Rvit Craft says

    Bukan ingin menikah saya mendegarkan lagu ini tapi saya ingon merasalan kesedihan sementara-_-

  3. Irksrengseng grup says

    Ana wong jawa ora ng kene :v wkwk

  4. Maulidatinnisa Saukina Hakim says

    hi! could i use your married life piano cover for my video and upload it to my social media? thanks for making this calm instrumental cover <3

  5. Jenny Jung says

    Hello could I use your music for a youtube video and you will be credited!

  6. Rin says

    Mau nikah sama siapa anjir -_-

  7. Make Designs says

    Good cover

  8. puan fatimatun says

    Really love it😭😘

  9. BOB gaming says


  10. Putu Amelia says


  11. Kursi Goyang says


  12. Nazwa Chanz says


  13. Muhamad NabiL says

    So sad

  14. nonatuffsy says

    what a beautiful cover .. I hope you can make a cover for 'when she loved me' from OST toy story 2

  15. Rizky Manossoh15 says

    love u song(:

  16. Huffle says

    I started to cry during this song because of my dad and I used to watch UP the movie and this song was his favourite but he passed away last year and it still hurts to realize he is gone.

  17. Runggu Sinaga says


  18. 이솔빈 says

    이음악 너무 좋아요ㅜ

  19. Budi Hartono Yt says

    I from Indonesian🇮🇩 and i am like music free UP


    Ada orang Indonesia gak di sini? :v

  21. Apit Saputra says


  22. Black Pink says

    Hey, this cover is really beautiful! Anyway, i’ll use it as a background music for my school project and i’ll upload it on my extracurricular channel, can I? I’ll drop the credit in the desription, ofc. Thanks a lot ✨

  23. sofia says

    Beautiful song! I'm going to use it as background for my pinned tweet <3

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