Why Adults Only Games Are A Big Issue


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This video takes a look at the ESRB’s Adults Only rating for North American video games, following the upcoming game Agony being given an AO rating in the US.

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  1. Update: 12 hours following this video going live, the developers of Agony have now announced that they will no longer be able to provide an uncensored patch for PC players. You can find the full statement here with further info: https://steamcommunity.com/games/487720/announcements/detail/1649886530632413268

  2. We live in such a sensitive world anymore I feel so many dev’s can’t put everything they want in their games because of this stupid rating system.

  3. It's time for the Ao rating to retire. It's run its course, and is proven to be way too punishing.

    The ESRB should follow PEGI's example and replace the Ao rating with a much better improved version of the M rating.

  4. Me: can I have this game gta 5

    Parents: okay that’s okay

    ESRB: 18+

    Parents: son I beg you to never play this game

  5. Oh c'mon grow up people! It's 2020!!! Your kids / teens are definitely probably already watching pron through access on the internet, social media, a friend, or watching the movies today you see on Netflix where alot of them international movies or not have alot of nudity and sexual features like actually showing the act being done. I'm not saying show your kids and teens these things if you're a parent and get with the times. I'm saying its out there already in other forms that are easy to have access to and at the end of the day its up to you to parental control your kids / teens from watching such things as best as you can even though they'll have other forms of access away from home.

    But to keep it away from an adult like myself because of old views on shaming such things yet plethora of adults watch this everyday already and its publicized on movies and social media. Just let it go and welcome it. If anything have it so you have to go through extra steps of verifying youre an adult in order to buy it.

  6. The taboo attitude towards the AO rating has backfired unwittingly. Banning AO games only makes it so that games that SHOULD be AO (and adults be allowed to enjoy them as they so desire) get away with being rated Teen or Mature and thus more borderline hardcore games are given to audiences that shouldn't be playing them. These companies banning or hiding AO games act like they're protecting young users when really it has the opposite effect, by forcing more unsuitable adult content into lower ratings. And of course the censorship of some probably really awesome games.

    Someone with fancy magic skills please make a console line for adult games, I would fucking buy it (along with playing my regular console games on regular consoles lmao).

  7. Hatred does kind of seem disrespectful. The main point of GTA V isn't to slaughter hundreds of civilians, whereas it's the sole aim of Hatred. I suppose the worse part is that Hatred is so tone deaf to the fact that thousands of people now experience bereavement because of these killings.

  8. It’s like the nc-17 rating of movies. Although there have been SOME successes in that category in the last two decades.

  9. Honestly, the ESRB should be more preoccupied with monetizations on videogames and not only content. Crappy moneygrab freemium titles like RAID shadow legends should receive an Adult Only rating for gambling, and games with intensive loot box systems as well. That would force publishers to stop putting those systems into their games, knowing that it would make it impossible to be on the Switch or the Xbox

  10. It’s irritating the games industry doesn’t move forward towards this with enthusiasm. It’s very immature. It’s like making alcohol, weed, porn, and guns illegal. Utter stupidity. I’ve grown up with games and now have finally reached adulthood and can no longer play video games because the content they represent is so appallingly childish. The Witcher 3 is acclaimed as the most mature game of the generation and it’s just adolescent babbling to me.

    As a medium this is what we push for, innovation, creativity and story telling, but it’s restrained so much. They’re just children’s toys to me now with a neon luster.

    This is the medium of modern tech and the future of tech so it must be treated with respect. It’s as fundamental as the discovery of science, masterpieces in architecture, and self consciousness. It’s our modern Mona Lisa, and we treat it like it’s Dora the explorer.

    Anyway, I’m sure this will change soon given we’re all becoming more and more habituated to sex, violence, and other mature themes. Given what’s said here, and also with R ratings.

    I guess that’s why it’s entertainment.

  11. Sony acculy has accepted to 2 Ao games. The first one was canceled and the second one was edited to an m rating to go on other consoles. But on a prototype box for the 2nd one shows it having an Ao rating.

  12. While I don't think I'd ever play an AO game, it seems so silly that the M (17+) rating is relatively common, but AO (18+) is practically forbidden.

  13. But God of War and Dante's Inferno somehow are ok for an M rating… Those show boobs and penis, sexual content, extreme violence, blood, gore and brutality…

  14. So you can drive a real car and have a job at 16. But you still can't buy M rated games or watch rated R movies. WTF

  15. Are there any console games that have been released with A? Just trying to get one for my collection as a cool statement peace… Doesn’t matter what console

  16. AO is clarification for "Sex games". At least the majority of games under that rating are just that. Or Mass murder games(How GTA is not in this rating but ok?. How what you do in GTA is different from Hatred?)

    I would love games to be better, because AO games are PLAIN AWFUL. I always laugh thinking about this subject because sure we can see torture, murder people with a chainsaw,Tear his neck apart with our hands and the all the Mortal Kombat BULLCRAP, but WE CANT DEAL WITH SEX. Its ridiculous


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