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X96 Mini:


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  1. Hello, very informative video, just got one today.. It refused to launch Netflix with error message. So i decided to delete the app and try to re-install. But I can't find the app anywhere! Please help. Thanks.

  2. Not a good box I had one. 7.1.1 android , 1gb ram, 8gb rom which is very low for a box kept on freezing on me.. nowadays android goes up to 10 4gb ram 32 rom 5g Bluetooth etc etc ….

  3. hi to you by mistake i deleted the whole program on anroide tv box and it does not trigger can make me a video please thank you

  4. I have one of these but when I'm streaming on either Netflix or YouTube every now and again the video gets stuck for about a second or two.I have done a factory data reset but problem still there.

  5. ola Roberto eu estou a pensar em comprar uma box so para assistir iptv!! tenho varios links de m3u !! qual e a box que me aconselhas a comprar? um abraço e muita saude para voçes e em especial para esse teu garoto q aparece nas fotos

  6. DroiX X96 Mini Android 7 Nougat Powered Smart 4K Ultra TV Mini PC, Quad-Core Processor Up-To 2Ghz, 5.1 Sound Output, Ethernet and Wi-Fi

    Price: £29.95

    High Quality Hardware, Android 7 Nougat Operating System, 4K Ultra HD Output and a sleek, Minimalist Design. The X96 Mini is your best choice for a budget Android Powered TV Box.
    Compared to other budget Android Powered TV Boxes, the X96 Mini runs on the Quad Core Amlogic S905W Chipset, which paired with the Meli-450 Penta-Core Graphical Processing Unit can smoothly output 4K UltraHD Content via the HDMI Port.
    "Under the hood", you'll also find 2GB of RAM, ensuring that your applications will always be waiting for you to press Play ; 16GB of eMMC (Solid) Storage are built in, which is plenty of space to install all of your favourite applications.
    Because it runs Android 7, the X96 Mini is no different from your Smartphone, which makes it the perfect device for anyone that never had a Android Powered TV Box, also it has full access to the Google Play Store, where you can find a vast number of applications

  7. Have mine about 18 months now. Works fine for my use and have downloaded the apps i need. Great to use in an emergency.

  8. "Roberto Jorge" 's channel… "Oh, great, spanish spoken… Oh wait…" jajaja. Well, my name is from France and i'm chilean. Is like the same thing but backwards.

  9. Obrigado!
    I'm looking at getting one on auction for my Sunday kick back movies. We have a Std HD TV and because of the 4-6 hour a week spent on TV time we don't wanna killer expense, but at the same time would like a pleasant experience for our online series watching.

    If I'm understanding you correctly, are you suggesting to get a better experience with this box, I'm gonna need to hard wire the ethernet cable in rather than work over WiFi?

  10. Download Kodi 18.5 from Play store and then download the Diggz build 18.5 after that's done go back to play store and download tubi tv I garinte you won't be disappointed.

  11. Hey Roberto, thanks for this video, am having a problem with it remote, i guess i don't know how to fully use it. Be kind enough and show me please

  12. Hi Roberto I have a X96 mini Android box but I'm only getting a download speed of 4-5 mbps. And yet when I use my smartphone on the same Wi-Fi I'm getting a download speed of 22 mbps. Can you please tell me any causes/solutions for this? I can contact you by email if it's easier.

  13. Hi Roberto.
    I would like to use this box solely for my IPTV subscription, do you think it would be suitable ??

    Thank You

  14. Great review sir i normally use nvidia shield daily and fire products wanted to give this one a try 4k streaming seems to struggle a it but just did a software upgrade and it seems to be running a little better also this box doesn't do well when left on for days on end and to turn it off daily..

  15. Hello, I appreciate very much your advice and reviews. I would like to ask you for advice, have you tried to buy tv box from the SwitchOnShop website? Should I trust the good reviews about it? Thanks a lot, Roberto.


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